About Us

Connect Consulting is a project of U-turn Homeless Ministries. U-turn implemented Salesforce in 2006 and initially used Salesforce purely as a database containing information about our stakeholders. Over the years we gradually started using more and more of the Salesforce functionality. In 2008 we secured a technology grant from the Salesforce Foundation to develop an M & E suite specifically for the non-profit sector. Through many years and several attempts, this eventually matured to become what is currently known as DELSTAT. (Delivery Statistics Database).

In 2010 U-turn started providing consulting services to other non-profits in Southern Africa. As this service has grown, we felt it wise to establish a separate entity called Connect Consulting, which encompasses all our Salesforce endeavours.

Connect Consulting has experienced business analysts who have worked on projects for large multinational corporations as well as small micro enterprises and charities. Our certified Salesforce Consultants are equally comfortable talking to businessmen and grass root activists.

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